How to Treat Hyperpigmentation?

how to treat hyperpigmentation

Beauty is not flawless, it shines even through the flaws. This is one quote we all like to live by. In our previous article, we discussed a common skin condition called Hyperpigmentation. We searched and researched to understand what exactly does it mean and what are the main causes of Hyperpigmentation. Let’s do a quick, short recap of that, before moving further.

Excessive production of Melanin causes uneven colour and dark patches on the skin [1]. It may occur anywhere on the body, face, hands, legs, arms, and neck. Any area which is mostly left exposed to the sun is more susceptible to catch this skin problem and not just the sun, but various hormonal changes, pregnancy, health problems, and stress are some other major causes of hyperpigmentation. [2]

We will now take a step further to unravel the remedies to this skin condition. The condition though, like we know, is not an extremely harmful thing but that does not make it a reason not to treat it, after all, you all dream about clear, radiating and smooth looking skin tone. How long will you be dependent on those concealers, creams, and correctors? If you are done with the temporary shortcuts, let’s dig deeper to find more natural and effective ways to treat Hyperpigmentation.

Natural remedies for Hyperpigmentation

The cure for so many ailments is usually right under our noses, laying on kitchen countertops, silent and modest. In this segment, we will share fables of some such kitchen superheroes; who fight hyperpigmentation with utmost efficiency.

  1. Raw Potato

A lunch box commoner and the most staple vegetable, potatoes work greatly to lighten hyperpigmented skin. The starch and the mild bleach helps in skin lightening. Catecholase, an enzyme found in potatoes aids in curbing excessive melanin production; thereby reducing dark spots and blemishes.

Application – Apply, cut and pour drops of water on the inner side of the potato and gently rub it in circular motions. Do it 3-4 times a day for a month for effective results.

  1. Lemon

Star of the stars, the citrus acid rich, Lemon has natural bleaching agent to deal with dark blemishes on the skin. Their antioxidant property makes them a protector of skin from harmful UV rays. Those with sensitive skin should be careful as it may irritate a bit on the affected area.

Application – Mix lemon and honey in 1:2 ratio, apply it for 15 mins and then wash it off with lukewarm water. Honey acts as a moisturizer, rebuilding and smoothening your skin.

  1. Turmeric

The antidote to so many disorders, Turmeric helps maintain the pH level of the skin. It possesses anti-bacterial traits that treat acne and blemishes. A strong antioxidant is a perfect natural remedy to deal with hyperpigmentation.[3]

Application – You can make a paste of turmeric and lemon juice or turmeric and milk and apply. Massage gently after a while and then wash it off.

  1. Aloe Vera

With natural healing and soothing properties, Aloe Vera works exceptionally on the skin due to the presence of mucilaginous polysaccharides in the gel.     It promotes new cell growth by removing the old dry skin cells.

Application Squeeze out the juice from the leaf and apply it. You can either mix it with Vitamin E or raw honey. You can also rub the juice alone and leave it overnight. Do it for few weeks to see desired results.

  1. Milk

How can we forget to include the most common, but most popular skin care product? Milk has lactic acid that aids in reducing skin pigmentation. Milk also helps in reducing the tan. Equally important is its cousin, the Curd.

Application – Mix milk and honey and apply on the affected area. Wash it off once dry. You can add curd as well to it.

  1. Tomato

Tomato helps rejuvenate the skin. With its bleaching property, it works great to treat pigmentation. They are rich in lycopene, which provides red pigment to the skin.

Application – Either you can apply it directly by cutting it or can mix it with coarse oatmeal and yoghurt and apply. Leave it to dry and then wash off.

  1. Sandalwood

An ages old tool to protect skin against sun damage, Sandalwood has helped in purifying blood and treat pigmentation.

Application – Apply sandalwood mixed with rose water or milk all over the affected area. Enjoy the fresh smell of rose water and fuller’s earth, till it dries up. Wash it off with lukewarm water.

  1. Oranges

Being the richest source of Vitamin C, oranges do not need any other reason to be on this list. It is not only the juicy fruit that is beneficial but the peel is also of great importance. The next time you see oranges, have the inner fruit and preserve the peel. Dry this peel in the sun and then powder it. You can store this powder for long in the refrigerator.

Application – Mix the orange powder with milk and honey to make a nice paste. Apply all over the affected area. Wash it off once dry.

  1. Cucumber

Everyone is well averse with the benefits of cucumber. It improves complexion, cools down the skin and rejuvenates it to make it healthy and glowing.

Application – Rub the cucumber directly or mix the cucumber juice with honey and lemon juice to make a power pack face mask. Further, you know the drill. Apply – Dry –Wash.

  1. Onion

Onions are rich in acidic properties that help in lightening the skin and making it glow and blush.

Application – Take red onions. Remove the skin and squeeze out the juice into the blender or grate it to get the juice. Mix this with lemon and apply and leave it till it dries.

Other food items that work wonders on the skin include Banana, Papaya, Masoor Dal, Almonds, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Avocados. Use them in face packs or consume it directly to get the skin and body the right nourishment.

Safe Skincare Products for Hyperpigmentation

The market is flooded with products claiming to treat hyperpigmentation. There are products from many well-known and reliable brands that have been proven to work wonders on the skin and in curing pigmentation, blemishes, dark spots and dry dead skin cells.

The most vital skin care product not only to treat hyperpigmentation but in general as well is a Sunscreen Lotion.

Every beauty regime is incomplete without its mention. Since the sun is one major culprit in causing pigmentation and continuously ruining the skin, a sunscreen is a must-have. Choose the cream suiting your skin type. You would not want to dab heavy creamy lotions on your already excessively oily skins. Study and judge your skin well. One must be aware of their certain skin basics. Choose creams that have milk, cucumber, kojic acid, Retin A.  Here are some drug-store products to treat Hyperpigmentation-

  1. Kiehl

The Clearly Corrective Range of Kiehl’s is made with natural ingredients and designed to brighten skin tone and reduce uneven tones. It is a lightweight serum that contains no parabens or other chemicals which may harm the skin.

  • This facial serum clarifies and brightens skin for enhanced radiance. Over the time, it diminishes the intensity of regular deep-seated skin colourations and dark spots.
  • Minimizes the broad spectrum dark blemishes including acne scars for even tones.
  • Daily, continuous use results in visibly brighter, more radiant skin. As per the results, over 55% of women demonstrated clinically significant reduction, 69% in 4 weeks, 87% in 8 weeks claimed to get a uniform tone.
  • Formulated with natural ingredients: Activated Vitamin C, Peony Extracts, and White Birch.
  • Tested by Dermatologists with no Parabens, No Silicons, No Colorants, No Fragrance and No Optical Diffusers
  1. Olay

Another recommended product for Hyperpigmentation is Pro-X By Olay Spot Fading Treatment. This serum targets the discolouration and dark spots at the root to correct the hyperpigmentation along with intense hydration.

  • Powerful hyperpigmentation treatment to reduce the discolouration caused by excessive sun exposure.
  • Concentrated formula polishes the dullness and surface cell renewal and regeneration.
  • This Fading Treatment is formulated with the combination of Glycolic acid, Vitamin C, Undecylenoyl phenylalanine, and glycerin, helps improve the skin discolourations like dark patches and brown spots, giving you radiant and glowing skin tone. The product is devoid of Hydroquinone or parabens.
  1. Neutrogena

Neutrogena’s Rapid Tone Repair Dark Spot Corrector with Vitamin C and Retinol tightens and brightens the skin, with efficiently doing its job of correcting the skin from blemishes, acne, breakouts and other results of pigmentation.

  • This top-rated spot corrector immediately brightens skin with all natural high-potency anti-pigmentation formula that absorbs instantly to gently reduce the discolouration and dark spots.
  • Formulated with Vitamin C, Accelerated Retinol SA, the advanced corrector renew skin tone throughout the day.

It is however always wise to consult a dermatologist before using any such drugstore product on your skin. We do not want to unknowingly further harm the already damaged skin.

How to Prevent Hyperpigmentation?

By getting you basics rights, one can deal with really big problems. Here are few tips to follow to prevent hyperpigmentation.

  • Follow a strict day and night skincare regime of washing, cleansing, toning and moisturizing.
  • Try and avoid exposure to sun and UV rays, as much as possible.
  • Do not step out of the house without generously applying a sunscreen. Cover your hands and face with gloves and masks. Wear sunglasses to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles near the eyes.
  • Gently exfoliate your skin once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells layer.
  • Eat foods such as tomato, sweet potato, flaxseeds, spinach, mussels, cocoa powder, etc to prevent and reduce pigmentation.
  • Any kind of allergy, rashes or redness should be immediately taken care of. You can take nutritional supplements that contain natural antioxidants to help prevent sun damage such as green tea and omega 3 fatty acids rich food.
  • Be regular with your visits to the doctor.
  • Lastly, drink lots and lots of water.

Just by keeping some key points in mind, we can protect our skin from not only Hyperpigmentation but also other skin related diseases. One must not be careless in taking care of their skin, else the minor skin problems can lead to major skin allergies and diseases.

Prevention at the right time is the best cure for any mishap. To further enlighten you about on this topic, we will soon be sharing reviews on some of the best creams for hyper-pigmentation. The reviews will help you judge better give you the insight of compositions and active ingredients in the cream that suits the best for your skin type.

Choosing the right skin care remedy natural or skincare product goes a long way in keeping the skin healthy, shiny and soft.  Share your experience and problems on Hyperpigmentation on the comment below and let us know how you took care of this for our readers to learn from your experience.





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